Fast Food

How to Make a Fast food Trip Mouth-Healthy

March 8th, 2018

As a parent, time is often in limited supply. That can lead you to foregoing making a meal, and instead choosing fast food to fuel your family. If you MUST eat fast food, then try making the meal a little healthier with these tips.

Choose Your Drink with Care 

A place where sugar loves to hide is in the beverages that we consume everyday.  When grabbing a quick bite to eat, don’t go for a soda or carbonated drink – which are packed with sugar and acid that can damage and erode tooth enamel. Instead, get a bottle of water or a small bottle of milk, both of which are healthy for teeth.

Try a Side other than Fries 

Listen, everybody loves fries, we all know that. Unfortunately, fries are starchy snacks, which can stick to teeth after meal time has ended. Try looking for fresh fruit sides, or a side salad when choosing a fast food option. Many fast food places have sides that are far healthier than fries.

Avoid Meals with Buns 

Most fast food burgers are served between two generic buns made up of white bread. Unfortunately, white bread is a sticky starch that can stay on teeth long after it is consumed. This can feed bad bacteria on teeth, and lead to tooth decay and cavities. When getting a quick meal, try finding one that doesn’t include a bun.

Try a Salad 

Salads have incredible health benefits, but are also very healthy for teeth! That’s because they’re packed with fresh greens that contain a lot of fiber, which naturally scrubs teeth as it is chewed. Additionally, you can add cheese to a salad for protein and calcium, both of which strengthen teeth! 

Say “No” to the Post Meal Shake 

Getting fast food is a treat for most people, and part that involves treating oneself to a shake for dessert. We advise that you avoid shakes or sugary sweets, and instead choose fresh fruit for dessert. Shakes are loaded with sugar, and often contain more than one person should eat in any given day. Fresh fruit, on the other hand, contains natural sugar and provides more overall nutritional value.

Prepare Your Own Meals 

The best way to get a mouth-healthy meal is by preparing your lunch in advance, and the same goes for children. If you let your children purchase their lunch at school, then they aren’t likely to get a well-rounded nutritional meal. Try making their lunch for them and giving them mouth healthy foods like Apples, Greek yogurt, cheese, nuts like almonds or cashews, and veggies like carrots or celery.