What Sets Us Apart

Our Approach to Children’s Dental Health

Pediatric Dental Health Associates has a mission to cultivate children to be motivated to take pride in their oral health and maintain it for a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide children with skills and inspiration to maintain their dental wellness while putting a stop to dental anxiety. We will always provide a positive, individual experience for every family and each child: they will know they are heard, treasured, and loved.

Personalized, Attentive Children’s Dental Care


At PDHA, we look at each child as an individual. We know there are guidelines at what ages children should be doing certain activities. There is a reason why your child would start kindergarten at age 5 and there is a reason why your child should have their first dental appointment by age 1. We take all this in consideration when we treat your child but also understand that your child is an individual and may not fall into the average age of anything. 

Our doctors and team know how early experiences have a lasting impact on an individual’s attitude toward dentistry and caring for their oral health.  We will work together as a group, the doctors, the pediatrician and the parents to make your child have a positive experience at their appointments. There are times where a comprehensive treatment plan will be evaluated by all the doctors on our team to come up with the best game plan for your child. 

Our youngest patients will always be scheduled with the doctor for their appointments. As your child gets older, they maybe scheduled with our hygenist. At all our cleaning appointments, we will scale any tarter or stains off your child's teeth as well as teach you and your child how to properly  brush and floss. Our office is unique to families because we do a fantastic job educating patients how to maintain good oral hygiene. When they leave the office with beautiful clean teeth, we want them to be able to continue this at home.  

We will recommend certain foods and drinks for your child. We have a display showing how much sugar and/or acid is in drinks and how it may affect the enamel on your teeth.  At each appointment, we will discuss diet to help prevent decay in teeth as well as decalcification (white spots on the enamel). We truly stress preventive measures because we know that every child has the ability to live a life cavity free.


With painless and worry-free appointments, filled with praise and encouragement, we ensure each child feels safe and valued. This establishes trust and comfort in the dental environment, as children learn how to take care of their teeth and gums and develop good habits.

Very rarly will a child leave our practice before they are ready to be seen by thier parent's dentist. Many former patients bring their own children to our office as patinets. This is because of the way we take care of children and how we make them feel. We have had families who move out of state (or country) but will still come back to us, at least once a year because of the trust they have in our practice. We are dedicated to providing your child with quality, attentive dentistry. Each visit is tailored to their needs and your desires, as we set them on the path to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles!


A Dental Emergancy

A trauma or toothache can happen at any time. Our practice is unique because we always have a pediatric dentist on call.  There are offices that will send you to the emergancy room at a hospital  but with PDHA, we will see your child in the comfortable and familiar enviornment of our office. 

Family-Centered Dentistry

Healthy smiles start at home, so we focus on family education and guidance. We welcome you to accompany your child into our clinic area during visits, as this fosters communication and helps your little one feel secure. During appointments, we will talk about your child’s oral health, discuss nutrition and related topics, and focus on prevention and good dental hygiene practices.

Before any procedure, we will walk you through the diagnosis, explaining what we will do and why. We will also talk about post-procedure care and what you and your child should expect. We welcome and encourage your questions and are always happy to address any areas of concern.

Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

Our dental office has been designed to appeal to kids. Our space is filled with playful and positive décor, bright colors, a fish tank, lots of activities and games, TV's above the dental chairs and books for young readers. It’s fun to see kids’ eyes brighten as they step through the doors and see all we offer. This is an exciting place to visit!

Better than our environment, though, are our doctors and staff. Everyone here feels fortunate to work with children and appreciate each unique personality and what they bring to our space.

We are skilled at communicating with children on their level, using every day, age-appropriate language and setting them at ease. We’re often found crouching down to admire a toddler’s artwork, chatting about superheroes and princesses, and sharing jokes with patients!

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Located just west of Ann & Robert H. Luries Children's hospital on North Michigan Avenue, Our enterance is on Chicago Ave. We are the Illinois pediatric dental office that welcomes children from all over the world! Pediatricians from all over referrer their patients to us because they know we have taken such good care of children for over 40 years. Our families who have a long drive to the office will schedule appointments in the morning so they can spend the day doing city activites. They are excited to visit the museums or friends they have not seen in awhile.  Many families from neighboring suburbs, Oak Park, Skokie, Hyde Park... will want an appointment when their children are out of school (and city kids are still in) or on a Saturday. Please contact us to learn more about the personalized, quality dental care we offer and schedule an appointment, today!