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Welcome to Pediatric Dental Health Associates, Ltd.

Pediatric Dental Health Associates, Ltd. provides comprehensive children’s dentistry in a positive and warm environment. Our doctors and team will always make sure your little one knows they are the most important person in the room – because they are!

We have served Chicago’s youth – infants through teens and those with special needs – at our North Michigan Avenue office since 1980. We are proud to be known as an office that cares about each child and their family. With warmth and kindness, we ensure everyone has an excellent experience.

Our board certified pediatric dentists offer comprehensive care, including:

Our doctors and team share a common goal, of helping children feel at home in the dental environment and empowered to care about their oral health. We want every little one to grow up with a bright, healthy smile and a passion to keep it clean and beautiful, for life!

We look forward to making your child feel safe, nurtured, and the center of our attention: everything we do is all about them! Please contact Pediatric Dental Health Associates in Chicago, serving Skokie, Oak Park, and the greater Chicago-area, to schedule an appointment, today!


Pediatric Dental Health Associates has a mission to cultivate children to be motivated to take pride in their oral health and maintain it for a lifetime. Our goal is to provide children with skills needed to maintain and preserve their oral health while putting a stop to dental anxiety before it can start. We will provide a positive, individual experience for each child and their family's needs.

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