3 Quick Tips to Cavity-Free Kids

Childhood cavities are the most prevalent childhood illness in the United States, and they are almost entirely preventable. While treating cavities is more effective and comfortable now than ever before, some kids still experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. By following a few simple steps, you can help your kids keep cavities away and keep their dental appointments stress-free.

1 - Maintain a Healthy Oral Care Routine

Avoiding cavities begins with proper, routine oral care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that everyone brushes their teeth twice per day, for two minutes each session. By brushing for the proper amount of time, your child can clean all of the bad bacteria off their teeth, and help prevent cavities. Be sure that they brush the entire surface of their teeth - including the backsidewhich is often neglected.  

It can be tough to convince your child to brush for the full two minutes, but there are some fun ways to help them achieve better brushing results. Go Online to find tooth-brushing videos for children. Most of these videos are at least two minutes long, and help keep kids engaged and focused while they brush.

2 - Add More Water



Water is a fantastic tool that helps fight against cavities. Water is generally pH neutral, and does not harm tooth enamel – in fact, it can actually help strengthen tooth enamel by keeping the teeth free of food debris. It also improves saliva production, which naturally cleans teeth of debris and reduces the amount of harmful acid left behind by food.

To get even more benefits, have your child rinse their mouth out with water after each meal. This will wash away any food debris in their mouth, and help prevent cavities.

3 - Get a New Toothbrush

When was the last time you bought your child a new toothbrush? If it isn’t anytime in the last three months, then they are most likely using a worn down toothbrush. You should exchange your child’s toothbrush when the head begins to lose its shape and the bristles become frayed. 

Also, it’s important to exchange your child’s toothbrush after they recover from any sort of illness. Bacteria can buildup on the handle and bristles of their toothbrush and can extend their sickness or reignite it at a later date. If your child has a cold or the flu, immediately buy a new toothbrush once they are no longer sick. 

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