Put Dental Check Up On Your To Do List Before School Starts

It won’t be long before the kids are back in school, but if you neglected to schedule an appointment with your kid’s dentist in Chicago, do it today.

Not all tooth decay causes pain. In fact, if your son or daughter has older fillings, dental caries could be hiding underneath.

Children of all ages can get cavities and it’s not always because of poor oral hygiene. According to recent studies, about four million preschoolers are dealing with tooth decay with that number rising by over 600,000 kids in the past decade. Sugar could be to blame as packaged foods, fruit juice and other snacks contain far more sugar than they did when you were a child. Bottled water could be another reason for the rise in tooth decay, as bottle water does not contain fluoride.

Tooth decay can also be hereditary, and if you had cavities when you were a kid, your children will most likely suffer as well. Soft teeth do not run in the family, but decay-causing bacteria do.

If your teeth have caused you problems over the years, it is imperative that you take action where your kid’s dental health is concerned. The American Academy of Pediatrics and your Chicago Kids Dentist recommends that you speak with your pediatric dentist making him or her aware of your own dental history. This will enable your dentist to take extra precautions such as dental sealants if your kids are in the high-risk category.

If your kids grind or clench their teeth while sleeping, dental fillings could be at risk. Constant pressure on tooth colored and amalgam fillings will cause them to crack, chip, or wear down. The only way to determine if the seals on your children’s fillings have broken down is to schedule an appointment with your kids dentist to avoid additional decay to a tooth that has been damaged in the past. If the decay is left untreated, it could damage the pulp leading to a dangerous abscess and an eventual root canal.

Get your kids ready for school this year and schedule a dental check up with your pediatric dentist in Chicago. After all, new clothes and school supplies shouldn’t be the only items on your to do list.