When to Schedule an Appointment with a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry in the Magnificent Mile District in Chicago is imperative when it comes to your kids teeth and gums, and if your child is six months or older and has never been to the dentist, it is time to schedule an appointment for a dental check up.

If your children have never been to the dentist, or if it is your first time taking your son or daughter to the dentist, it is important to remember that a pediatric dentist has been specially trained. According to Colgate, a good pediatric dentist will know what to look for when it comes to dental development. Problems can often occur quite early because of baby bottle decay, thumb sucking, and teething irritations.

When you schedule the first office visit with your Chicago Kids Dentist, your children’s teeth will be evaluated in order to determine the next steps necessary for the development of healthy teeth and gums.

During the exam, your pediatric dentist will review the health history of your kids and take x-rays that are necessary in order to determine what, if any, problems are present. The examination will also include a thorough examination of your son or daughters gums, palate, teeth, and tongue. Your Chicago Kids Dentist will also teach your children about healthy food choices, and most importantly, the correct way to brush and the right way to floss.

After your Childs first dental exam, your pediatric dentist will also give you the information you need to help your kids develop healthy teeth and gums including evaluations and assessments when it comes to bite, dental growth, and risk of tooth decay.

Pediatric dentists understand that some adults still have anxiety when it comes to the dentist, and unfortunately those fears can sometimes be passed on to your children. Because young kids do not have a real sense of time, do not tell your son or daughter about the visit to the, “Tooth Doctor,” until the day of their first check up.

Your pediatric dentist in Chicago has plenty of videos, books, and toys that will keep your kids occupied before the initial examination. Click here and show your kids what the dental office looks like in order to alleviate any fears that they may have.

Get your kids started on the right track, and schedule an appointment for your infants, toddlers, or adolescents today.